About Bebeaway

No need to spend hours organizing your kid’s luggage, vacationing with kids will now be much easier, comfortable and relaxed: renting all the material you need with Bebeaway.

We offer personalized rental service, providing you with our expert suggestions and products that best fit your needs. We will be accessible throughout the entire rental period, helping you with anything you might need during your vacation with kids.

Bebeaway rents all that you need: car seats complying the legal legislations (I-size), strollers for children up to 25 kg, buggies fit for running / outdoor sports, push chairs, baby carriages, trolleys, cradles, cribs, cots, bassinets, highchairs, accessories, etc… delivering these products wherever you desire (airport, hotel, apartment…) the moment you need them, for the total duration of your trip, and without paying any deposits.

We stand out for our fast service, flexible hours and how we adapt to your needs at all times. Our priority is you and your child’s wellbeing. All of our products are of premium brands such as: Bugaboo, iCandy, Maclaren, Cybex, Silver Cross, Baby Jogger, Bebé Confort. Also, all of our products are carefully selected to ensure the safety of your child; furthermore they are inspected, disinfected and sanitized (with nontoxic, high quality ecological products that are environmentally safe). We regularly renew / upgrade our products with the latest developments in childcare.

Bebeaway is located in Madrid (Calle Fernando VI, 2)  Ibiza and Santander.

We delivery all throughout Spain, to any city, reach out to us and we will send you a proposal.

When to rent

Forget about spending long hours organizing luggage. Travel light, travel happy!

Your airline losses or breaks your baby stroller.

No need to pay excess luggage fees.

You have Family / Friends visiting with kids and you don’t have a crib, highchair…

Your child no longer uses a stroller, but requires one when doing sight-seeing in a new city.

You forgot to pack some essentials such as sterilizer, bottle warmer, toys…

You travel alone with your child and can’t carry it all.

You stop travelling due to the complications that imply travelling with children.

Everything you need doesn’t fit in the trunk of your car, and you have to leave somethings behind.

You want to be able  exercise with your child.

An unplanned tour  and you need a car seat, baby backpack, outdoor stroller…

You don’t want your favorite stroller  to get damaged during your trip.

You want to save money on products you will only use for a limited period of time (3 to 6 months) such as a baby cot, bassinets… Our prices reduce as the rental period increases.