What products can be rented?

We have everything you need for you baby / child: car seats, highchairs, cribs, strollers, toys, tubs, accessories, etc.

Do you have rear facing infant car seats available?

Yes, we have rear facing infant car seats that comply with the I-size European regulation. Children are allowed to use these rear facing car seats until approximately 4 years of age.

Is it mandatory for children to use rear facing car seats, as it is stated in the I-size European regulation?

No, it is not mandatory by law. The current European regulation: ECE R44/04, states that all car seats must be registered, adapted to child’s size and weight, and installed according to manufacturer’s instructions.

What is the I-Size European regulation?

I-Size is the European safety regulation for child restraining systems, specially developed for ISOFIX infant and toddler car seats (registered support leg or TopTether) *toddlers up to 4 years of age.

The age range of an infant car seat is determined by the height of the child, and not the weight as in the past. Each manufacturer decides what height is adequate for their car seat.

It is mandatory that all I-Size infant car seats are placed in the rear facing position for children up to 15 months.

I-Size infant car seats can only be installed with the Isofix system, they cannot be used with seatbelts.

Currently there is no legal requirement to replace infant car seats for the the I-size infant car seats.

I have a baby and I would like to go running with him/ her, can I go running with your chairs?

Yes, we have chairs with which you can practice running, skating, etc.

How far in advance should I make my reservation?

Contact us at any time. We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It is not necessary to make a reservation in advance. Call us at +34690320756 or send us an email reservas@bebeaway.com.

Is there a minimum rental period? Is there a minimum amount per rental?

No. There are no minimum periods or minimum amounts required.

How do you clean the products?

All of our products are cleaned thoroughly after each use /rental. In the case of strollers, car seats, etc. they are disassembled (separating the textile materials from the chassis) in order to be vacuumed and cleaned (in all cases using nontoxic, high quality products). If necessary steam machines, pressurized water, or greasing of the chassis will be applied.

What are the discounts for long term rentals?

Daily rates are reduced as the rental period becomes longer. You can check out our rates in the following link Rate Card. If you are interested in a rental for longer than 1 month, please send us an email reservas@bebeaway.com and we will send you a personalized proposal.

How is the number of days of the rental calculated?

Our rental day is of 24 hours, and not a standard calendar day. For example if you rent a chair on a Friday at 19:00h and return it on a Sunday before 19:00h, your rental period will be of 2 days and not 3 days.

What forms of payments are accepted, and how is payment done?

When you make a reservation, it is necessary to provide credit card details, VISA and MASTERCARD accepted. Payment can be made with the same card (48 hours before delivery) bank transfer or in cash at the time of delivery.

What happens after I make a reservation?

Once you complete your reservation, you will receive an email confirmation (within 24 hours).If there are any problems, we will contact you immediately. If you need it urgently please call us or text us via WhatsApp at +34 690 32 07 56.

Can I cancel my order / rental?

Yes, we are fully aware that travelling with children can undergo last minute changes, and we are very flexible. All you have to do to cancel your rental is call us or send us an email reservas@bebeaway.com indicating your reservation number and your desire to cancel. If you notify us at least 96 hours in advance of the delivery date, there will be no charge. Otherwise, all cancellations will be charged with a 30 Euros fee.

Where do you deliver to and how much does it cost?

Deliveries in the city of Madrid* are free of delivery costs. For all other areas, please call us +34690320756 or send us an email reservas@bebeaway.com and we will send you a personalized budget (taking into account the weight and volume of the material to be delivered).
*City of Madrid includes all addresses within the perimeter of M30 highway.

Can I receive the rented products at the hotel or apartment where I will be staying?

Of course. Bebeaway will make sure that you have your rental available at the hotel or apartment on the day and time you specify.

Can the delivery and pick-up of the rental be at different locations?

Yes. When you make your reservation please indicate where you want the delivery to take place as well as where you want the pick up to take place. Our customer service department will contact you to arrange all the details.

Can I personally pick up the rental products?

Yes. You can pick up your rental at our bebeaway Madrid location (Calle Fernando VI nº 2, 28004, Madrid). For the rest of locations please contact us.

Can I pick up / return my rental at the airport or train station?

Yes. We deliver and pick up at the Madrid Barajas Adolfo Suarez Airport, Chamartin Train Station and Atocha Train Station. When you make your reservation please indicate the location you desire, and we will contact you in order to coordinate delivery / pick up. The airport location has an additional cost of 50 Euros. For the rest of locations please contact us.

What if I want to extend my rental period?

We will be more than happy to extend your rental period as long as the product is available. In order to check product availability and extend the rental period, please call us +34690320756 or send us an email reservas@bebeaway.com. We need you to contact us 24 hours before your rental period ends so we can arrange a new pick up date. The additional costs (for the extension) must be paid in cash or via bank transfer.

What happens if the rented items are damaged?

No worries if the damages are small damages (such as scrapes or scratches) that are caused by the normal use of the items. If the damage is greater and affects the use of the product, you must bear the repair costs or the replacement of the item (whichever is cheaper).